How does the game work?

Contents of the police file for an online murder mystery game

The unsolved case file

During the investigation of the unsolved case file, you will solve a realistic cold case either alone or with a team. You will have access to the online police file and crime database. Additionally, you can order the paper case file by post. This is not necessary for solving the case. the online police database however, is essential for looking up security camera footage, suspects, and license plates, so you will always need online access.


A murder mystery game is suitable for solving alone or with a team and can be ordered for groups up to 100 people. You order the murder mystery game for the number of people participating in the investigation. After placing the order, you will receive a link that allows participants to create their own login details to access the police case file and database. Even if you work in teams or with fewer computers, we recommend ordering for the number of participants. This way, a participant can quickly look something up on a mobile device, and no one has to wait for each other.

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Individual or Team Play

Since each participant has access to the same case file, you can decide whether each participant works independently on the murder investigation, the whole group works together, or you divide the group into teams. This way, you can also add a competitive element. Which team can unmask the perpetrator first?

Interrogation with a witness in the database during the murder mystery game

Requirements for the murder game

A computer, laptop, or iPad with internet connection, preferably one device per participant. You can also use a mobile phone to look up information in the database. To view the interrogations, camera footage, and read the online case file, we recommend using a device with a larger screen.

Duration of the Investigation

The duration of a murder investigation depends partly on the number of participants and whether the participants consult with each other. When you work on a murder case with 12 people and divide the material, you will discover the perpetrator faster than when you are with 2 people. More information about the duration is indicated for each murder case.

Crime scene map

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Content of the Case File

The online case file contains all the information you need for the investigation. The case file includes interrogations with witnesses and suspects, evidence, official reports, a map, autopsy report, and photos. In the database, you can search for people, license plates, camera footage, and evidence. When you come across the name of a company, you can check the company's website for more information.

Ordering an unsolved case file

You can order a murder case by purchasing an online murder case or a paper case file Or you can choose a murder case for groups (5 - 100 people possible). After filling out the order form and completing the payment, you will have immediate access to the online police case file and the database.

Murder mystery game file

Paper case file by post

If you choose a case file for groups, the order form will ask if you also want to receive the paper case file by post. If you select YES, a new field will appear. Enter a number to indicate how many files you wish to receive. The price of the paper case file will be automatically included in the total price.

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Availability of an Unsolved case file

A murder investigation can take place 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. You decide when to start the investigation and whether to solve the murder case in one evening or spread it over several days. You have 3 months of access to the case file and the database, or until you have completed the case. Did you not have time to complete the murder investigation? Send us an email, and we will extend access for free.

Murder mystery game victim kidnapping

Payment Options

You can pay for the order via iDeal, invoice, or PayPal. For payments via iDeal and PayPal, access is automatically activated immediately. For payment by invoice, the amount must be credited to our account before we activate the account. Invoice payments are only checked on weekdays. For PayPal payments, the additional PayPal costs are charged.

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