Frequently asked questions

Can I receive the physical case file by post?

Are the games available in other languages?

We are a larger group but want to collaborate using the same login credentials.

Can an unsolved case file be solved with an iPad or smartphone?

Can I continue the murder mystery game at a later time?

Can I ask for help if I get stuck during the investigation?

From what age can I play a murder mystery game?

Can participants work on the murder investigation independently of each other?

Can I order only the physical file without access to the database?

Are there shipping costs for the paper case file by post?

What do I need to play an unsolved murder case?

When will my order be shipped?

How can I pay for my order?

Do I need internet for the unsolved murder game?

How long does a murder investigation take?

I didn't receive an invoice, what now?

With how many people can we play an unsolved murder mystery game?

Where can the murder game take place?

Can we play a murder case file remotely?