A score of 4.7 from 5
door Vera
Extremely fun!
The game is professionally put together, and you certainly won't solve the mission in just one evening. We look forward to the next case.
door M. Winkelhorst
Very complete and realistic
Very complete and realistic. We started the case without any idea of what to expect. The task is challenging and motivating. Everything looks professional and realistic, making you feel like a real detective. We did it as a couple, but I can imagine it being very enjoyable alone or in a (slightly) larger group. The latter can be challenging because sometimes you have to wait when requesting information, but that makes it more realistic for us. Absolutely recommended!
door Sascha
Very good game!
Wow. This game is really well put together! At the moment of opening, I was a bit startled. There's actually a lot to investigate. But that's what makes it fun. This isn't a game you can finish in just a few hours. I've also played Crimibox myself. That's fun if you want to be done in an hour. But for the online murder case, you need a few more hours. There are so many details that you just feel like you're solving a real case! It's just so realistic. It's highly recommended to play!
door Michelle
The online murder case is really well done…
The online murder case is really well put together. It took me many hours to unravel the case on my own. The case files are very detailed and realistic. No simple riddles or puzzles, but a real deep dive. All in all, I was truly drawn into the case, and the ending feels like finishing a good book: it could have lasted even longer! Value for money.
door Dhr. Zeegers
Great murder game.
Great murder game! Well organized and very enjoyable to do. Take your time with it. I don't want to give away too much more.
door Klant
A real recommendation.
WWe enjoyed this game, played with 11 people. Well-organized, complete, and exciting and challenging until the end. Highly recommended.
door Mevr. R. Besteman
Super fun team game
Super fun team game, good communication during the game. Highly recommended to do with friends, family, or colleagues.
door Klant
The startup was a bit difficult, but…
The startup was a bit challenging, but the game was fantastic. Designate someone as the database manager, and especially connect your TV to your laptop to watch the interrogations together. It's so thrilling!!! A lot of effort has been put into the storyline and how well you get involved in it. Truly amazing!!! Take a break every 20 minutes and share your findings. It really works.
door Mevr. N. te Brake
While sifting through the lifelike files and websites, you feel like a true detective. Even when you call discovered phone numbers (which may or may not lead to the perpetrator), you get someone on the line. It's very enjoyable (sometimes a bit chaotic ;) ) to go through all the details with your friends, uncover (mis)leads, and ultimately, of course, catch the culprit. However, it is important to work methodically and systematically if you want to identify the correct perpetrator in a constructive manner (and quickly).
door Mevr. S. Mulders
Great game and a lot of fun to play with a…
Great game and very enjoyable to do with a group!
door Mevr. D. Zuiddam
We loved it!
We have enjoyed. It was a very successful evening. Especially that ending and then the dilemma, what would you do? Amazing. Thank you very much for a very successful evening, something completely new, very innovative, and unique. We will definitely be back soon!
door Mevr. S. van Rijkswaard
Super fun!
Super fun! Spent the entire evening investigating and thoroughly enjoyed it. Towards the end, it became really exciting. An absolute recommendation!
door Dhr. J. Forga
A fantastic experience!
A fantastic experience! Very realistic, and as they say, you do indeed feel like a detective. Everything just seems real, actual websites of companies, and footage from security cameras. The case files look fantastic, with a little American touch that makes you feel like you're at the FBI yourself. Truly very comprehensive and authentically amazing. We enjoyed it and will be back soon.
door Mevr. A. Garretsen
Entertaining and professional
We played the crime game with our group of friends, who usually play escape rooms together frequently. Our expectations were high, but we were definitely not disappointed. The crime game is exciting, well-structured, and the guidance is professional. We will definitely come back for a new crime game!
door Renazdan
Very exciting, and time flew by.
Very exciting, and time flew by! The game was well put together, and every detail was well thought out. It's really fun that you have to justify why you want to see certain additional information. A successful evening!